History of The International Alliance of the Churches of Truth (IACT)

In April 1904, a spiritual healer named Clara T. Stocker of Cascade, British Columbia established a centre of what she called High Mysticism, known as the “Holy Silence Prayer Temple”.  Ms. Stocker wrote a message entitled “Realization Through Concentrated Attention” which came to the attention of the minister of the Universalist Church of Spokane, Washington, Dr. Albert Grier, who had for many years been in very poor health.  This happened in 1910. In Dr. Grier’s own words, Ms. Stocker’s essay “was the match which set on fire…my soul and through its tiny flames the big flame was started.” What he was saying is that he was healed and so inspired by this new “realization” that to him it was the discovery of the TRUTH of life and living.  Dr. Grier founded Churches in Spokane Washington, Pasadena, California then New York City.  Dr. Grier became a prominent leader in the New Thought Movement, working closely with other prominent leaders such as Ernest Holmes, Charles Fillmore and leaders in both the eastern and western traditions.  He taught physical, mental and spiritual healing through the knowledge and practical application of Universal Principles.  Dr. Grier believed and taught that Jesus came to earth to awaken humanity to the Truth that Christ Consciousness was within every human being.  He taught that we are all children of God, inheriting God’s nature, and we have only to grow into that TRUTH in order to experience “The Kingdom of Heaven within”.  The Scriptural Authority of Dr. Albert Grier was from John 8:32 “Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you Free”

Just as the roots of our spiritual heritage, in the early years of the 20th century have a distinctive Canadian flavour, so, we of the first years of the 21st century may look with gratitude and pride at what has been accomplished in the last four decades on Canadian Soil.

As was the case with our founder, Rev. Dr. Albert Grier, our current story starts with a mystical healing awakening experienced by young Dutch-Canadian named Dr. Herman Aaftink in August 1960.  Herman was serving in the United Church of Canada ministry at the time and was guided to attend a lecture presented by Church of Truth Chief Executive Officer William M. Graham at Emma Smiley’s Truth Centre in Victoria, British Columbia.  Dr. Graham became Herman’s mentor and in 1969 Herman started lecturing in Calgary, Alberta on behalf of the Churches of Truth – and hasn’t stopped since!

Dr. Herman Aaftink organized New Thought Seminars in the Canadian Rockies in Banff, Alberta. Outstanding New Thought authors’ participated such as Emma Smiley, Jack and Cornelia Addington, Joseph Murphy, Jack Holland, Sig and Janie Paulson, Johnnie Coleman to name a few.  A dynamic young lady from Edmonton, Alberta named Jaclyn Darby attended one of the early seminars and heard the spiritual call to start the Church of Truth work in Edmonton. Both Calgary and Edmonton centres flourished and became the Life Enrichment Centres, spiritual hub of the Canadian Churches of Truth.  Dr. Jaclyn Darby and Dr. Herman Aaftink have served as teachers, healers, speakers, coaching and training and as a result there are today a wide variety of New Thought centres and churches in Canada. Both Dr Aaftink and Dr. Jaclyn Darby served on the Executive Board of the International New Thought Alliance www.newthoughtalliance.org for many years.

Dr. Jaclyn Darby initiated the incorporation of the various independent Church of Truth and centres that originated in this heritage.  Her husband Robert and Herman Aaftink joined her in this untiring effort, which resulted in the formation and recognition within the International New Thought Alliance of “The International Alliance of the Churches of Truth” registered both in Canada and the U.S.A. (IACT for short).

The IACT has ordained new leaders in almost every Province of Canada.  There are also independent Churches of the Truth in the United States.

We welcome all who share our vision of Freedom, Awareness, Independence and Spiritual Authenticity to join us in setting this course for a better world.  To us it is clear that this philosophy of life is needed more, in these years of the young 21st century, than ever before.  Indeed, this Truth does set us Free, as Jesus taught some 2000 years ago!

The Centre for Living Truth is a member of International Alliance of the Churches of Truth.  We meet in the Elaine Mae Theatre at 27 Dundurn Street North in Hamilton, Ontario on Sundays at 10:30am.

The Centre for Living Truth is a member of International Alliance of the Churches of Truth.  We meet in the Elaine Mae Theatre at 27 Dundurn Street North in Hamilton, Ontario on Sundays at 10:30am.